Our Story

A few years ago, Hope started looking for materials for the women’s fall Bible study at our church. While she found a great number of quality Bible studies, she had a hard time finding studies written for women by women who were reformed. She also had a tough time finding in depth studies of the scripture that didn’t take a whole lot of time. In a moment of desperation, Hope asked Chris if she would be willing to co-write a study on Romans, convincing her by asking, “I mean, really, how hard could it be?” And so it began. Weekly emails back and forth, Chris deep in commentaries, Hope mulling over questions, tweaking, editing, asking, pondering. A group of women at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Lincoln, Nebraska patiently bore with us as we experimented with them every week, and learned to find our rhythm as writers.

Two years later, Hope approached Chris again, softening her up by telling her she could choose any book she wanted. I Samuel it was. Old Testament narrative is the best. Another study was born. About this time, women started asking us for copies of the two studies we had written. While trying to send endless pdfs to people around the country via email, a pastor friend who happens to be a publisher approached Chris and Hope at a party, offering to publish their Bible studies. Suddenly, they had a way to get these into the hands of women who could use them. This had been the point of the whole enterprise – to help make the book of Romans accessible to women. But what would the name be?

During the 1st century, when Jesus walked the earth, a Jewish rabbi would have been surrounded by his students, with some of the men sitting as his feet to learn and listen. This was the custom, the understood norm of the day. But in Luke 10:39, Mary sat at the feet of Jesus. Mary, a woman, was taught by this unconventional rabbi. Mary was given the dignity of taking in his words, his pauses, his tone. She was as worthy of his teaching to Jesus as the men in the room, as are we, his women students today. And so we are At His Feet Bible Studies, hoping to sit at the feet of Jesus while we study his word.