At His Feet User Guide

There is no right way to lead a Bible study. Every Bible study group is made up of different types of women with various sets of needs and dynamics. Below are some suggestions that might be helpful when using At His Feet Studies. Read it through. Use what you want. Forget the rest. We’re glad you’re here.


Participants Guide

This study is laid out like most commentaries. Each chapter is broken up into smaller portions with explanations of the verses in order. There are questions in the chapters before and after the commentary. The first set of questions are Observation Questions designed to help the reader interact with the basic content of the chapter. The second set of questions are Reflection Questions designed to help the reader engage her heart with the text in a vulnerable way.

Start by reading the Scripture passage noted at the top of the study page. Then answer the Observation Questions. Next, go back and read the Scripture side by side with the commentary, pausing between each grouping of verses to absorb both the commentary and the text more deeply. Then move on to answer the Reflection Questions.


Leaders Guide

There are eight questions for each study. When in a group setting, we suggest choosing your favorite Reflection Questions to focus on, especially if you run short on time. If you have more time feel free to work through all the questions. For those groups where people have not had the time and space to read through the commentary and questions, you can simply read the commentary out loud at the beginning of your time. That way all women can participate. We always suggest reading the Scripture passage out loud before you begin.



The focus verse is something to spend time reflecting on since it’s the heart of the passage. Consider memorizing it individually or as a group.

Use the section we have labeled “Reflections, Curiosities, Frustrations” to write down things about the text that seem confusing to you or hard for you to wrap your brain around. This is meant to give you space to express how you’re a work in progress as you work through this text and engage with God’s Word.