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for you to study the Bible in a rich and meaningful way that connects with your head and heart no matter your season of life.  At His Feet Studies are written to engage with women in different seasons of life and places in their own personal stories. Our hope is to connect you in a deep, intimate way to the Lord through the Scriptures showing how the gospel touches every facet of your heart and life.

Each lesson consists of four steps: First, read the Scripture passage. Second, answer 3 observation questions about the text you just read. Third, read 2-3 pages of commentary about the historical context and helps from the original languages written by seminary-trained author Christine Gordon. Fourth, answer 5 application questions which help you apply the text to your life written by counselor & author Hope Blanton. We also include a “focus verse” for memorization. Our goal is to make Bible study approachable in every season connecting you with the deep love and care of Christ.




Hope Blanton is wife to Ray, (professor of Communications at University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio) and mother to Cana, Thea, and Nias. She has lived in multiple cities and has been involved in churches all over the country. Hope was trained as a clinical social worker, earning her Master’s Degree at Temple University. She has used her counseling skills as a social worker for at risk youth, postpartum moms, Women’s Ministry Equipper at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, and currently in her role as a Therapist at Kaleo Counseling in San Antonio, TX. She has taken her years of experience and applied it to the Biblical truths in these studies, writing questions to make us consider what each section of Scripture means for our hearts, minds, habits, fears, and relationships. She is a feeler, funny, organized, and endlessly asking questions to draw people out and make them feel known.



Christine (Chris) is married to Michael, Midwest Area Coordinator for RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) and mother to Elliot, Elsie, and Ezra. She received her Master’s degree in Theology from Covenant Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri.  Chris currently works as the Intake Coordinator for a large counseling practice in St. Louis. She has been involved in women’s ministry and worship teams at multiple churches and loves to help women understand the Bible more deeply. Chris has the ability to explain deep biblical truths in an easy to understand way, leaving those who interact with her feeling seen and known by the Lord. She takes her love and ability to study the scriptures in-depth, with her range of life experiences, creating commentary that excavates deep biblical truths and impacts any heart. She is quirky, loves to dance, cannot multi-task to save her life, and regularly embarrasses her children.



What Others Say

“Whether you’re a new believer, college student, young mom, seasoned mentor, or Bible study leader, I can not recommend the At His Feet Studies highly enough! At His Feet Studies make deep and intentional Bible study approachable for women in various seasons of their walk with the Lord. This study on Luke guides the reader through observation, interpretation, and application in a helpful and accessible way, even for a mama of young children, like me! I find myself walking away with fresh insight and practical truths to apply to my daily life.”

– Hunter Beless, Host of Journeywomen Podcast

What Others Say

I hear from young moms all the time who believe that in-depth Bible study isn’t an option for them because they are in an intense season with limited time and mental energy. This study is a gift to those women. Chris and Hope offer a gift wrapped twenty-minute daily experience that will leave women not only with a deeper knowledge of the book of Luke but more enthralled with the person of Jesus and more aware of how he is at work in, through, and around them. This study raises the bar for women’s ministry tools by demonstrating that limited time and mental energy do not mean that we must bypass in-depth study to obtain the application points we crave. Chris and Hope offer a Christ-exalting resource that meets busy women where we are and allows us to see him as he is.”

Abbey Wedgeworth, Gentle Leading

What Others Say

“With their latest offering, Luke: Part 2: A Study of Luke 9-16, Christine Gordon and Hope Blanton continue their work of crafting accessible, faithful Bible studies for women who want to deepen their understanding of God’s Word. Their careful commentary and helpful insights make the meaning of the Scripture clear for readers before moving them to personal application. If you’re looking for Bible studies that focus on the text, keep the main thing the main thing, and transform your thinking,  you’ll find it in At His Feet Studies.”

Hannah Anderson, author Humble Roots and All That’s Good

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